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Beyond Core


Art is taught as a whole group, using a variety of media.  Students participate in Hosanna’s “Art Lemonade,” our annual fundraiser to further student instruction in and practice of the arts.  Each student displays three pieces of artwork.

 Jr High Electives

Yearbook gives students the hands-on approach of assembling a yearbook for the school through using an online program.  Students take pictures, contact teachers to schedule times, capture moments of learning in the classroom, and organize school-wide photos.



Students delve into the themes of hope, joy, faith, reconciliation, and grace, using Old and New Testament events. They are guided through a process of exploring how these themes apply in their lives today.


Students attend weekly chapel assemblies as a school. In these assemblies, awards are given monthly to students who have notably exhibited “Fruits of the Spirit” (Galatians 5:22-23). Twice a year “Spiritual Emphasis Week” is observed, in which chapel sessions are attended daily.

High School students assist with power point, sound, helping the classes whose week it is do hold the flags or Bible.