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4th Grade

Fourth Grade Curriculum



Students read various chapter books, focus on improved comprehension, and cultivate a love of reading.

Language – Writing

Sentence types, punctuation, capitalization, and grammar are studied. This, in turn, is incorporated in student writing, in their letters, weekly journal, and gathering information for research projects.


Students build upon concepts learned in previous grades. Place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division are covered. Students add, subtract, and multiply fractions, and learn how to reduce answers. Decimals, temperature, graphing, and basic geometry are also studied.


Explorers, inventors, and famous people that influenced America are studied. Students cover the Civil and World Wars. Washington State history includes the state economy, geography, famous places, rivers, mountains, and overall history.

Science - Health

Students seek to understand God’s world by studying insects, plants, birds, sound, oceanography, and astronomy. They also study electricity and participate in two field trips, to Bonneville Dam and Clark County Public Utilities.

Special Events & Field Trips

Field trips can vary each year. In the past we have visited Bonneville Dam, Clark County Public Utilities, Washington State Capitol, Christian Youth Theater, and a bagel factory. At the end of each year students participate in a fishing trip together.

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