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3rd Grade

Third Grade Curriculum



Printing and cursive writing are emphasized, using the A Beka Cursive book, which integrates many reading and language skills into practicing cursive writing.


Students use the A Beka reading series, which includes two novels, and many books with excerpts of exceptional stories. Many supplemental materials are added to reinforce reading and language skills. Spelling uses the study of syllables and phonics to enable students to utilize spelling skills in their writing.


Students learn sentence structure, nouns, verbs, synonyms, antonyms, and using a dictionary.


Students refine multiplication to two- and three-digit problems, and practice division, algebraic equations, converting measurement, geometry, rounding, and averaging. “Math Explorations” challenge accelerated learners to the next level.


Students study the senses, plants, vertebrates, invertebrates, and the weather. They also study pond, forest, marine, and agricultural ecosystems (communities).


Students learn the design and stewardship of the human body, manners, and safety.


The first topic of interest relates to Native Americans as the first inhabitants of America. Students learn the four major areas in which Indians lived and their interactions with the environment. U.S. history is studied through the lives of men and women who lived in various eras spanning across time, from Columbus to Billy Sunday.

Special Events & Field Trips

Students visit Chief Lelooska, Ridgefield Wildlife Refuge, Safeway, Petco, and Christian Youth Theater plays.

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